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The Organic Soap Bar

(The Organic Soap Bar) The owner LaCynthia has over 20 years experience in providing quality customer service in professional fields.
Within the last several years LaCynthia found an interest in Holistic health and Herbalism, she began studying the benefits of eating a plant based diet, and shortly after, started looking into using plant based ingredients on her hair, skin, and even her toothpaste. Soap making is one of her passions.

She finds great satisfaction in formulating soaps that pampers and offers great benefits to the skin.​
LaCynthia enjoys making soap so much that she decided to make batches and give samples to close friends and family to get their honest reviews and feedback, once her reviews came back positive, she started her small soap business, and Called it The Organic Soap Bar.
Exceptional quality is the foundation of her company, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which materials to purchase or the best way to serve her customers.​LaCynthia strives to work for the advancement of The Organic Soap Bar, By continuing to learn methods, techniques, and formulas.
Also actively participating in soap making forums, watching soap making videos from experienced soapers, and constantly reading information to ensure she provides the best quality handmade soap and customer satisfaction.

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